Why Study Abroad?

Why Study Abroad

Impact on Careers, Salaries, and Job Skills

97% of study abroad students found employment within 12 months of graduation, when only 49% of college graduates found employment in the same period. That means they were twice as likely to find a job. Among study abroad alumni, 90% landed a job within 6 months. A UK study supports US findings that study abroad returnees are more likely to find employment within six months.
90% of study abroad alumni who applied got into their 1st or 2nd choice grad school.
84% of study abroad alumni felt their studies abroad helped them build valuable skills for the job market. A second study confirms this at 85%.
40% of US businesses failed to expand due to a dearth of staff international experience.
80% of study abroad students reported that study abroad allowed them to better adapt better to diverse work environments.
70% of study abroad alumni claimed that because of study abroad they were more satisfied with their jobs.
59% of employers said study abroad would be valuable in an individual’s career later on with their organization.
34% of study abroad alumni claimed that study abroad helped them choose their career field.
19% lower unemployment rates were found among study abroad alumni according to a British study.
Why Study Abroad

Impact on Graduation and Academic Performance

100% greater improvement in GPA post-study abroad. Student GPAs tend to rise as they approach the completion of their undergraduate degree. Students who studied abroad saw their GPAs rise twice as quickly as a result of going abroad compared to students who stayed in town according to a Georgia study.
19% more likely to graduate: that describes how study abroad participants are more likely to graduate than non-participants by six years. Even at four years, study abroad participants are 15% more likely to graduate based on a UC San Diego study. UT Austin and Georgia data show a similar trend.

Impact on Personality

97% A University of Maryland study on IES Abroad study abroad alumni found that students attributed study abroad to increased maturity.
96% of study abroad alumni claimed an increase in self-confidence attributed to study abroad.
89% of study abroad alumni reported that study abroad facilitated a greater tolerance for ambiguity.

Why Indian Students Prefer to Study Abroad?

Its not just the thrill to go out of the country or the fancy open culture that attracts students; there are several reasons why Indians have been hunting for education opportunities abroad such as:


Indian education system does not incorporate courses relating to less chosen subjects and if they do, they are either sidelined by the university or are not recognized by national and international experts as worthy. For example, in social sciences and arts, very few courses with substantial material exist and is not provided many colleges or universities either.


Research has gradually evolved as subject of interest for many but lack of infrastructural facilities and financial support discourages Indian students. On the other hand, foreign governments and universities provide funds, scholarships along with required facilities and appreciation; encouraging students from overseas to utilize their resources to conduct research.


India is also a home to reputed institutes like IISc, IIT, AIIMS which provide excellent education and infrastructure but they are very few. Hence, when seats exhaust students opt to study abroad.


Indian companies and organizations look up to a candidate who has obtained a degree from a Non-Indian university. Therefore, the chance of a candidate to get a desired job increases.


Universities abroad are enthusiastic in accommodating students from different cultural backgrounds. To avoid financial constraints from bothering the students, scholarships and assistantships are also granted. As a result, often students settle down there even after completing education.

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