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Why Edmission Consulting

  1. One Stop Solution To All Your International Study Needs
  2. Step by Step GuidanceWe assist you from start to end with a Systematic and Proven Approach that guarantees Success
  3. Career Indicator Program- Students undergo a Career Aptitude Test, designed by experts with proven results. The test helps students get a deeper insight in to themselves and help them plan their futures better, and to actually use their attributes well.
  4. Customized Evaluation- No Size Fits All – Our emphasis on this, is our foundation to success. We provided solutions as unique as you.
  5. Unrivaled Success Record– 100% of our students obtained admissions
  6. Envious Scholarships Record- 95% financial aid applicants receive aid
  7. Key Focus on Profile Development– At Edmission we ensure 100% Individual Student Attention. Each profile is tailor-made, which ensures to present your case in the best way. The Focus is on you and to ensure the Best University and Course for You.
  8. No Agent Policy- At Edmission we endorse the Meritorious. We are not agents to any college. What this means for you is that The Sky is The Limit for You as there are no limitations of being bound by specific universities and ensures that you are not settling for anything less than your caliber. We work together to help you truly reach your Pinnacle, ensuring the very best for you.
  9. Team of Highly Skilled and Experienced Counselors- With over 2 decades of experience and with over 25000 students sent abroad.
  10. We don’t advertise– 90% students are from references from our previously satisfied clients.
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EDMission Facts

98% obtained university offers

EDMISSION Consulting prides itself as one of the most experienced team in the region with tremendous success record. We at EDMISSION put our 100 percent into realizing your dream and achieving success together.

1 in 3 offered university scholarships or bursaries

Our Experts look at each case as unique and find the right match for you. We develop Tailor-made solution that ensure success. The EDMISSION team takes pride in building each case and ensuring each student reaches his/her own potential.

99% student satisfaction

Our passionate team of education consultants have advised thousands of students throughout the years. We place the interest of our students at hearts to ensure they are positioned on the right path to a building higher education.