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Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. –Confucius

It is common for a student to get confused regarding selection of their career choice. Generally, they only end up in courses like engineering, medicine or management; without realizing their true aptitude for it.

Research shows that personalities seek out and flourish in career environments they fit –John Holland

At EDMission our passion is to help you discover yours. There are agamut of options available, and with the ever changing and dynamic working environment, choosing the right career for you, is key.

We have found that a student is more likely to achieve success and happiness in their career if their choice aligns with their personality type and abilities. With the help of psychometric tests students better understand their personality, know their abilities and strengths and make an informed a career choice.

Psychometric assessments or Career Aptitude Tests, are standard scientific tests used to measure an individual's mental capabilities, cognitive abilities & behavioral style.They help give students a deeper insight in to themselves and help them better plan their futures, and to actually use their attributes well.

Our psychometric test is planned and designed by experts with proven results. A team of experts, career counsellors and psychologists analyze the tests and give proper guidance to the students.

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To ensure to understand and guide students in the right direction to achieve their career course.

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98% obtained university offers

EDMISSION Consulting prides itself as one of the most experienced team in the region with tremendous success record. We at EDMISSION put our 100 percent into realizing your dream and achieving success together.

1 in 3 offered university scholarships or bursaries

Our Experts look at each case as unique and find the right match for you. We develop Tailor-made solution that ensure success. The EDMISSION team takes pride in building each case and ensuring each student reaches his/her own potential.

99% student satisfaction

Our passionate team of education consultants have advised thousands of students throughout the years. We place the interest of our students at hearts to ensure they are positioned on the right path to a building higher education.